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almathera          water effect beveler            na
cpk                   old colorizer,mirror,3d             

cpk plugins        more plugins for cpk          na

Crescent Moon  cool filter                           na

Visman             lots of stuff                        na

genesis             good filters                        na

Andromeda        wide range of filters             9P90750302-1056

Graphics Plus    spotlight,vertical blinds
                         page curl,old photo            na

I-decay               Colour Squishy,Jitter
                          Zoom,Sin Spin sugar        na

Shear                  Curved Text                     na

Saber Cat            cool stuff, colorizer           na

kpt 3.0                 coooollll.....                     07064-15906-01532

Sinedot                love this filter unique         na

MasterBlaster       cool filter colors               na

Alf Border             borders                           na

Alf-Decolorizer      colorizer                          na

Alf filter                 cool                                na

Dsb Flux               use it all the time            na

Xenofex                 assorted filters                na

Ravers                   assorted                        na

Gregs Filters 1        assorted                       na

Gregs Filters 2        assorted                       na
You will need these 2 files for some of
your filters to work...All these filters are in zip form so you will need an unzipping program...Enjoy
unzip to c:windows/system/folder
dll-msvcrt               dll-plugin
Psp Filters