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VP Proggies
Mega Head Program

   Installing The Mega Program

Download the mega exe. to your hard drive. It
doesn't matter where you download it to as long as you can find it.

After you have downloaded the meg exe. you need to go find it and double click to install.

The first screen will come up with information
about the program..Just click next.

The next screen will ask you to what directory you want the program to be installed to.  The default directory in which the program should be installed is
C:/Program Files/VP/Games

If you do not have a games folder, you need to create one in your vp folder. Just make a new folder in your Vp folder and rename it Games. Then install.


Now to see if you have installed the program:
Go to Games on your tool bar in Vp...Click Start Game, You should be able to see Mega
Head..Congratulations!! You've done it!!

     Installing The Mega Patch

This patch is used so you can see your mega
avs in your gallery so you can change into them..

1. Download this patch to your hard drive or
desk top, doesn't really matter as long as you can find it

Now Exit Vp!!!!!!!!  You have to be out of vp in order to install this patch or it won't work.

Now you have to find the patch and double click on it. Then you will see the black box come up from DOS installing the patch. At the
end of installation it will tell you if it has been installed successfully. Then just x the black box out.

Go back into Vp..You will be able too see the
mega avs you have saved in your gallery.
Big Head

Tall Av'sTall Av Program..
Wide Av'sWide Av's Program..
Giga HeadGiga Head Program..
MatedMated Head Program..
TrioTrioHead Program..
Crew Of FourCrew Of FourHead Program..
Pin Head So small almost invisible..
Ultra Head Big, Big Av..
MinimegaMinimega Program..

VP Games

CheckersChecker Game..
YahtzeeYahtzee Game..
BattleshipBattleship Game..
ChessChess Game..
BackGammonBackGammon Game..

VP Patches

TBH Patchworx 2Patches VP for things including no man's land and adverts..
Big FileLets you send larger size files in VP..
Gestures in imsAllows you to use Gestures in IM..

VP Stuff

Install Ocx Files In your C:Windows System Folder..You will need these for most vp programs

Gesture GenieMake Gestures..
TBH GenesisFrame Maker..
Ills Mass ImmerGood Immer Can Search by name..
ILL's Contest BotMade to be used for paint contests..
HermesSend files to anyone in VP while u are not in vp..
Banner KillKills banners while you are surfing..
Ocx filesOcx files needed for most programs in vp..
Peeping TomWanna know whos watching the room from Ob's? if so then use this..
curiosityTells what room your friends are in without being in vp..
DezonedMakes real cool looking text..
Bomb Shelter Recovers from illegal operations..
Av Bandit Captures avatars and tours..
No Boot Keeps ya from getting booted thru ims..