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"Cascading Love!"

As we see each other...each night...each day, Our feelings and desires, surface for each to see, Filled with caresses and sweet nothings of the things we say, So crisp and clear, our romance floats toward the sea, On a steady stream, heading... towards the falls!

Gliding down together in the path of our dreams. Meeting the challenges that we face, straight ahead. Sometimes moments that are rough and hopeless it seems. Steaming harsh words... that weren't meant to be said. With tears in our eyes... we would make up in bed! Only to wake up with a turbulance ahead!

Crashing against obstacles that test our love, Like the deep journeys through thick mists of deceit, Twisting our souls... we reach for guidance above, Submerging in the pool of sin... where our eyes meet! Embracing each other...kissing profusely through the night, As our bodies heat the water pouring above us. Erupting in an right, As we ride on this great fall...a journey of lust. Plunging with each other...with our "Cascading Love!"

poem written by SneekPeak

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